Arabidopsis Stomatal Development

Stomata, as the gate for gas exchange and water vapor, are essential for plant survival. In recent years, more and more studies focused on stomata development. Many genes were identified that are involved in controlling different stages during stomata development, such as TMM, YODA, MUTE, ER, FAMA, FLP and MYB88. Our interest focuses on the function of FLP/AtMYB88 in stomata development, research that is being carried in collaboration with Dr. Fred Sack. Based on the clustered guard cells phenotype in the flp mutant (four lips), FLP is suggested to participate in the transition of division to differentiation of guard cells. Uncovering the molecular function of FLP will lead to better understand how FLP control stomata development. Our biochemical and genetic data showed that FLP, as a MYB protein, is a transcription factor with a distinct DNA-binding specificity. By using microarray and ChIP-chip approaches, we have started to identify the direct targets of FLP during stomata development, uncovering unique mechanisms by which this atypical R2R3-MYB transcription factor regulates stomatal development.

Stomatal Development Results Graph