The Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server (AGRIS)

AGRIS is an information resource of Arabidopsis promoter sequences, transcription factors and their target genes. AGRIS currently contains two databases, AtcisDB (Arabidopsis thaliana cis-regulatory database) and AtTFDB (Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factor database). The two databases, used in tandem, provide a powerful tool for use in continuous research.

AtcisDB consists of 25,806 promoter sequences of annotated Arabidopsis genes with a description of putative cis-regulatory elements. AtTFDB contains information on approximately 1,550 transcription factors. These transcription factors are grouped into 41 families, based on the presence of conserved DNA-binding domains.


GRASSIUS (Grasses Regulatory Information Server)

Grassius provides a resource similar to AGRIS, integrating information on transcription factors (TFs), promoter and cis-regulatory element (CREs) across the grasses (sugarcane, maize, rice, and sorghum), providing a valuable tool for comparative regulatory genomics.   GRASSIUS houses three databases, GRASSTFDB (Grass Transcription Factor Database), GRASSPROMDB (Grass Promoter Database) and GRASSREGNET (Grass Regulatory Network Database). GRASSPROMDB has promoter sequences in which predicted and experimentally verified cis-regulatory elements (CREs) are indicated. GRASSTFDB is a collection of TFs from maize, sugarcane, and rice. GRASSREGNET will integrate information housed in GRASSPROMDB and GRASSTFDB in the light of experimentally verified interactions in order to establish regulatory motifs across the grasses.