About Us

The Grotewold Lab is located at the Center for Applied Plant Science in Rightmire Hall in the West Campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Our lab is currently comprised of a diverse group of research associates, undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists.
Our group is interested in establishing the structure of plant gene regulatory networks and understanding the mechanisms underlying combinatorial gene regulation. The knowledge obtained is directed towards using metabolic pathway transcription factors for plant metabolic engineering. Complementing our efforts to manipulate entire metabolic pathways with regulatory factors, our lab investigates the means by which products of specialized metabolism move within cells.
The biological questions that drive our research compel us to use a variety of approaches that include biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, chemistry and bioinformatics. This interdisciplinary research is only possible thanks to the competence and expertise of the people in the lab, the facilities available at the Center for Applied Plant Science and OSU, and the outstanding collaborators that we are privileged to have. As you move along this website, please feel free to contact any of the people if you have any questions.